lightasabrick (lightasabrick) wrote in ed_ucate,

The Doctor

Just random wonderings here...about 4 years ago my mum dragged me to the Dr. kicking and screaming becuase I had lost enough weight to stop getting my period (it had been about 6 months at this point) and she was a little worried. I am positive that this is the end and I am going to be forced into treatment/hospital..whatever. I tell the dr. that I am a dancer and I dance 8 to 12 times/week and he says "that explains it" and that is the end of it, he doesn't even weigh me...A friend of mine was in a similar situation and was diagnosed with AN and put into treatment. I have never been weighed at the Dr. ever...You would think, with all the media on eating disorders and the emerging prevanlence of them, that having an eating disorder would have crossed my Dr.'s mind. I am wondering if any of you have had similar experiences and what your resoning is. I think that my Dr. is ignorant and didn't even think that I would be doing something like this to myself. Also, now that I am 20, no one seems to care. I can do pretty much whatever I want to my body and no one will drag me any Dr. and no Dr. will say, "gain 5lbs or enjoy a stay at the hospital"..I think there is a definate difference between treating people who are under 18 with an eating disorder and those who are over 18...any thoughts?

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