matanai (matanai) wrote in ed_ucate,

Anorexia vs obesity (lmao)

What in the hell?

Article in here for link-phobics and whoever. VERY LONG.Collapse )

And if you don't like the bolded text - be glad you didn't go to the link. The author thinks she can get across to people better by writing in gigantic text in certain paragraphs. And there are photos along the left side of the page of the article itself, which I didn't post here (they may be triggering). I don't know if she's using them to illustrate any sort of point or not. Er, there's also a BMI calculator and a couple of graphs and stuff.

Please don't take this lady seriously, or at least too serious. This is an interesting read, well, maybe to some of you - but she also seems a little hateful and crazy. And her little graphs and facts may or may not be accurate.

Holy crap. Anyway, I got this link from which is a rather interesting read. A lot of stories, articles and topics on overweight persons - sometimes eating disorders, sometimes about how society deals with looks and weight... etc etc etc.

Edit: Oh, I wanted to point out that in the first paragraph she states that being overweight is more deadly than eating disorders. She has numbers there, and I could care less about the numbers, really. What do you think? I thought that was a rather ... uh ... interesting statement to make, at the least.

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