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Just under 4 weeks ago, I spontaneously lost weight. My bmi is 15.2, and I was eating around 1600-1650. I don't know how I lost 2-3lbs over <2 weeks by eating the same as I had been for around 2 years, but I did. I must have been sick, I was looking quite pale which was also out of the blue.

And so I started my own little 'refeeding' process where I am averaging having in the 1900's. I gained 2ish lbs in 10 days. Take into account that the later weight was taken at 6pm, as opposed to 1pm (hence I had lunch & afternoon tea in me) and that I was also off my period, so I was likely to have regained fluid.

How long will it take, (my next check up is next Thursday) for my body to realise it will get this amount of food and no longer store it? My therapist is basically advertising protein for me, as I want to grow taller (I'm 5'3) and also exercise, because that will increase my metabolism to grow. A friend recently told me that when she went on camp (19 days long, heavy/strenous/carrying packs/hiking etc) and was deprived of food, that when she came back she had a growth spurt.

If it's nearly the end of 2005, I was looking through old journals of mine when I was close to 20lbs heavier and trying to be 'healthy' and doing alright and I didn't even eat the amount I am currently eating: ocassionally, yes, but not nearly as nutritious food. I didn't really exercise, and now I do. I'd really like to be at my total target 16.5bmi, and to eat around 2000 a day. I do 60 minutes exercise a day.

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