undecided (dopo_mezzanotte) wrote in ed_ucate,

Guess what? I'm eating disordered!!

How the hell do you go about telling someone you are eating disordered? Not a doctor, not someone who suspects. Or maybe suspects something small, but nothing really.

"Hi! How are you? I have food issues. Did you catch the World Series game last night?"

or maybe "Yeah, you remember how you've never seen me eat? That sums it up, except for the binges that equal three days worth of meals that you don't know about. How's that for fun?"

Especially when the general public doesn't know anything about anorexia & bulimia. ("Oh, right. The thing models do.") and even freaking less about ED-NOS. "Yeah, I have an eating disorder. No, it's not anorexia beacuse I'm not skinny enough & I still get my period. No, I don't puke, but I take diet pills & laxatives." "What?!?!?!"


Those of you who read my journal know that I am thinking about telling someone whom I totally trust. This isn't an issue of trust, because I totally trust her. But all she knows right now is that something is wrong. I told her I'd tell her, but it's more of a sit down convo, not something I shout out over taking orders & making salads. So when she says "What's going on, what's wrong?" what the hell do I say?

Any suggestions? Or any personal experiences with this, telling someone and/or having to explain ED-NOS to someone who knows of anorexia in only abstract terms?

Thank you so so much to anyone who can offer any tidbits.

P.S. I'm terrified of responses like "You don't look sick" (Although she wouldn't say this to be mean, it would still make me want to cry) or thinking that it's for attention. Maybe it is, but I want someone to just f***ing know and...yeah.

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