need2befree13 (need2befree13) wrote in ed_ucate,

Ok I just joined this comm., looked through the memories, and found nothing relavent to my situation, so here it goes: I have recently been having this problem of binging and purging late at night. So the other night after my purge I drank some "dieters tea," which I think is just less harsh laxatives in liquid form. So the next day I was fine and the tea "kicked in," and I thought my problems were over. Well later that night I had another binge, and before I could purge I really had to "use the bathroom." Problem was, my mom was taking a bath. So I held it for a good 20 minutes til she finished, and I ran as fast as I could to the toliet. I did my business, and when I looked down I noticed a fair amount of blood. I thought I might have started my period, but the blood was coming from my ass. So I got a little worried, but I went back to my room with full intentions on purging my previous binge. To the bulimics out there: you know how when you are purging you contract your stmoach and push with all your might(or maybe thats just me)? Well everytime I did this, I could feel more blood coming out of my ass, until I finally gave up my purge attempt. I know this is really long, but if anyone has any thoughts on what is going on, or has bed before, please let me know. There was no blood when I went to the bathroom today, but Im still scared shitless...sorry for the pun

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