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Hey everybody, I'm new here...recovering from bulimia...just thought I'd say hi.

Who are you? Emily, Em, Stein, Reba, Amelia.

What do you care about? I care about my family and friends, I care about the people in the world that I have no idea how to help. I care about money, shoes, clothes and makeup. I care about getting better.

What is your passion? Figuring out what my passion truly is.

Who do you love? God, my family, my friends, Julian McMahon.

What's important to you in a friendship? Humor

Do you demand respect from those around you? No, but I demand the opportunity to earn respect from others.

Who do you trust? God, my dad, my brother Andrew, Maria, Liz, Claire and Amy.

When was the last time you "smelled the roses" and just enjoyed a sunset or a spur-of-the-moment trip? I try to notice things like that everyday. I love the way the sky looks at sunset.

Do you take long drives? Yes, I’d take more if I had a better car.

What do you dream of doing? Getting my degree.

What's your favorite color, your favorite music, your favorite place in the world to be? Reddish-pink, right now my favorite type of music is punk-rock, on a beach with someone I love.

What defines you as a person? My interests, my desires, my qualities and weaknesses, my love for others and my need to be healthy.

What is there to love about you? That I’m witty.

Why do you, or should you, love yourself? I should and that’s something I try to do everyday.

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