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lapsed artist

A couple observations and a question...

Ok, so I guess I'm in what you would call 'recovery' though it's not being forced by anyone and it's making me absolutely miserable. So, I'm trying to gradually get healthier (hah). In this period of time (about 4 weeks), I had given up caffiene completely (I was drinking instead fruit juice without the sugar --ie, either sacharinn or splenda added-- mixed half and half with 0-cal seltzer). I was also on new medication perscribed by my psychiatrist (but that's a whole nother ballgame). Before I started taking the new medication, but had been off caffiene for a week, my blood pressure was taken at the office 125/80 (not bad, but I'm normally 108/72 or thereabouts). Two weeks later I was at 129/84 and still off caffiene. I have also, in this month, gained nearly 8 pounds (which bites). My eating is really not any different. I, most of the time, forget to eat until like 7pm in the evening and probably overcompensate, plus I have no energy so I can't go to the gym to work out (this will all be changing because this is rediculous). Also my migraines have gotten progressively worse since being off caffeine.

Now, everyone keeps on telling me how bad caffeine is (and I'm not addicted, I can go off campus cold turkey without having any adverse side effects). But, for me, wow. Ok, so I have enough energy to not only worry my pretty little head off but also go to the gym, run errands, clean apartments, make plans with friends and do homework. Plus, it has that nice little side effect of making me nauseas (actually, only coffee does that) not to the point of... ya know, but enough so that food is pretty repelling. Plus, while drinking coffee I wind up consuming a good 3-4 cups of skim milk. Per day.

Has anyone had similar results? Or, have any insite? (I know it's a duretic, right? so it thins your blood?). Quite frankly, I'd rather drink coffee than take really unhealthy pills.

Has anyone actually gotten 'unhealthy' side effects from recovery?

[I totally spelled caffiene/caffeine wrong a million times, sorry =p]

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