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excerpt from "Fat Talk" and my response

"I am inevitably asked, "Is it really that bad? Are so many girls suffering from eating disorders?" In response, I explain that though 1-3 percent of females do suffer from eating disorders, the other 97 percent demonstrate a wide range of attitudes and behaviors toward their bodies.

Despite the claims that there is an epidemic of dieting among teen-aged girls, a number of questions remain unanswered, and indeed, unasked. What do survey statistics claiming that 60 percent of teen-aged girls are dieting actually mean? What do girls really do when they're on a diet? How long does a typical teen-ager's diet last, and when does she consider it successful? Do girls actually lose weight from their diets? Given the cultural imperative to be thin, are girls overreporting their dieting on surveys because they feel they should be dieting?"

After reading this passage, it made me think about the sheer number of girls in the livejournal communities. Obviously, not all of them are eating-disordered but do you think this passage explains the number of girls who think they are eating-disordered?

I know many girls in these communities (not going to lie, i've only heard this from "wanarexics")say that stats estimating that 1-3% of girls suffer from ED's is false because of all of their friends they know who are "ana". Do you think that increased attention and awareness of eating disorders has driven girls to not only overreport their dieting, but also assume that their dieting ---> eating disorder?

not sure if this makes complete sense, but just something on my mind..

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