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on top of an eating disorder you also have typical eating problems that affect most people in our society. having a big problem doesn't make you immune to smaller ones. you have to keep fighting and demolish those problems after you've already gotten out of disordered territory.
its been...6ish months since i felt sane again. i'm still working on strengthening things that are common eating challanges for non-disordered people. knowing when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat...

anyway, just putting out there that everything doesn't become right because you are no longer insane about it. don't let common problems ruin what you have achieved. keep working until you achieve the next level, then work on maintaining that level, then work for the next level and so on. it gets so much easier as it goes on, then when you get to the top, everything below you is then effortless.

if you want to look at it optimistically, i was really lucky to have had such a debilitating crappy problem. i've learned how to work long and hard to fix my problems. i mean, after the force it takes to overcome a giant brick wall in front of you, a wooden fence is nothing, right? conquering these common problems is nothing compared to what i already went through. i love that brick wall now, i make sure to totally kick ass on that brick wall every chance i have because i never want to lose that ability, that strength.

okay, i went a bit loco but i hope this gives some people hope.

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