___4st7lb (___4st7lb) wrote in ed_ucate,

I was reading my brother's psycology textbook from university and came across a section devoted to eating disorders:

"...bulimia nervosa in females stems from a failure to develop an adequate sense of self because of a conflict-ridden mother-daughter relationship. Food becomes a symbol of this failed relationship. The daughter's binging and purging represent the conflict between the need for the mother and the desire to reject her."

I had never heard of that theory before and I was wondering what are your opinions on it. My relationship with my mother is fair. I hate the person she is and everything she stands for but I accept her differences for I know there is no way to change it. I have previously tried to rebel against her but found myself caught in the mist of arguments and anger. When I shut up and refrain from objecting, a shallow relationship has formed. She knows nothing about me, but if she did, she wouldn't accept it. As to whether the relationship has anything to do with my ed, I don't know.


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