Be ambitious. (xxx_yourstruly) wrote in ed_ucate,
Be ambitious.

The post below me talks about average weights and heights of UK people. But what are about other countries? I know that my friend from the Ukraine felt ashamed of gaining weight when she came to the US because everyone in her country was so tiny. My friend from Brazil said that the main focus there was to have a nice body, and unlike her, adults cared more about their appearance as they got older. My friend from Russia's mother wouldn't let her eat bread or meat if she gained any weight, and as soon as she got back from the US she put her daughter on a strict diet. It was the same with my Brazilian friend, her mother made her walk x amount each day and eat only healthy foods.
It just seems like everywhere outside of the US, everything regarding weight and food is so much different. But I've never been outside of the US (except for canada, but I was a little kid, know, it's not like I was paying attention to any of that stuff) so I have no idea how things are.

For those of you who live outside of the US, do you have any thoughts? If you've been somewhere else, did you notice people being smaller and/or eating less?

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