Liz (lolita_flower) wrote in ed_ucate,

* This entry applies to those who are recovered/ are in the process
1. If your bmi is quite underweight yet stable for a period of in my case 2 years, is your body considered 'starved'?
2. Once (this is where I apply to those who are/are in recovery) you begin to eat a normal (by medical standards), nutritious diet, if your growth has potentially been stunted, how long did it take you to grow in height?

i've been eating around 1800-2000 averaged out every day per week for the last nearly 2 months. I am 5'3 and the other night I was standing next to people and felt taller. I got comments from my mother and friends on this. Is it possible? My therapist reccommended me to eat lots of protein (I have about 2g per kg of body weight if not slightly more, twice the Australian RDI) and sleep and I also nearly doubled my exercise to fasten my metabolism. I have gained a slight amount of weight & hopefully it is muscle. I don't want to get my hopes up, just some sharing of personal experiences?

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