dancing_maenad (dancing_maenad) wrote in ed_ucate,


Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5 foot 4
Weight: 118 pounds
BMI: 20.3
ED: Bulimic
Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Diagnosed as bulimic by many doctors
My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: My pet peeve today is girls who make lists of tips and post them in support communities. If someone really has an eating disorder, they don't need to post tips they learned (one being "diet coke is our best friend"). I never really minded the whole ana/mia thing although i rarely use the terms myself. but got really confused when reading a post and ana/mia was used to refer to a person. that was just a little too weird. Also all the drama of fake deaths, i just don't understand who has enough time to care/think up all that.
How I found my way here: hungerbound directed me here after i made an angry post about a list of tips in ana_in _college.
Questions/comments/concerns: I'm an art history major. I love looking at female nudes in ancient sculpture and in paintings. all of them are heavy women, full legs, arms, and bodies. i think they are beautiful. yet when i look around me at girls in classes and models in magazines, i see every flaw, and think girls half my size are huge. just a random thought.

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