lovemushroom (lovemushroom) wrote in ed_ucate,

Normal therapist reaction?

I had a meeting with my therapist last week.

She questioned me about my eating as we are going over all my history and are doing a section each session. I wanted to be honest with her. I told her I tried to eat about 500kcals a day and never went above 800-900. If I went above 900 I would punish myself the next day. My intake comprises of fruit and vegetables. I told her I was exercising everyday and if I didn't I felt shit.

She said I was doing great and had a really healthy diet, but maybe I should eat about 800 as that would be healthy. She said there was no reason to change my eating habits other than that.

Is this a normal 'therapist' reaction? Its certainly made me feel better anyway!

*EDIT: I have never been diagnosed with any type of ED and am seeing the therapist for my depression and anxiety*

Sorry if this is not the sort of thing I should post here. i always get a bit scared posting incase I get told off.

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