cestunchapeau (cestunchapeau) wrote in ed_ucate,

Age: 16

Gender: f

Height: 5"5'

Weight: 120

BMI: 20

I think I have this ED: no fucking clue. definitely disordered eating/thinking, but I don't think I'd qualify under EDNOS. basicially, I have no idea what I am.

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: haha, where to start? my BIGGEST pet peeve, though, is probably the girls who write using different fonts and styles in the same idiotic entry (italics, different colors, underlining...). hypothetical example: "MY BOYFRIEND totally doesn't like, think I'm fat, but I SO AM!" (except that would have had about 20 different styles in it. I'm unskilled, otherwise I would have put them in there)

Questions/comments/concerns: first off, I do not have a serious eating disorder (thankfully). I would just like to be able to talk, understand where this thinking comes from...I guess I want to be ed-ucated? yeah, that's it.


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