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Is Anorexia Considered to be Socially Acceptable Suicide?

Aug 90 20:19:40
From: Elise
To: Kim Storment
Regarding anorexia, buliemia, etc., though, I've even
heard of the constant pressure on American women to be
thin referred to as "biological warfare against
women". (I wish I'd heard that one first-hand: an
acquaintance of Brad's went into great detail about
how being "overweight" [<-- case in point] is not
necessarily unhealthy. Island women, for example, get
heavier as they get older and are healthier than
American women of similar girth. The problem is not
the weight but the constant cycle of gaining and
losing the weight that stresses our bodies.
Interestingly enough, he said that the woman who gave
this charged rant was thin and petite, so it wasn't a
"defense mechanism".)

Quite true. References include anything written by Kim Chernin on food,
weight and eating; a book called Shadow On A Tightrope, an anthology by
fat women; some of Susie Orbach's stuff; and a magnificent book called
Never Too Thin (ISBN:0-88961-127-0) by Eva Szekely. "Biological
warfare against women" -- I like that. I have, by the way, met some
male anorexics, but only two so far. I have met and worked to support
more than a hundred female anorexics/bulimics who are getting out of the

My take on it is the line: "Anorexia is socially acceptable suicide".

Yes, I enjoy watching the disbelief when I speak up against the Thin
Obession. Many people don't expect it from one of my body type. (I am still
considered fairly thin, although the disease I have will probbly never let me
realize this; my head will always see me as a fat loathsome cow. But I'm
healing my body, and I trust that eventually my head will follow. Amazing how
deep-rooted gynophobia is.)

Discussion topic found on:

Despite the poor grammar and spelling in that post, do you find that to be the case? That an eating disorder is considered to be socially acceptable suicide? Do you even find eating disorders to be socially acceptable? How do you view eating disorders if you were/are to be an outsider?

Thank you.

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