so_____envious (so_____envious) wrote in ed_ucate,

just wondering

I'm annoyed- annoyed and possibly misinformed.

0kay, well, here is a claim I have recently heard: Anorexia comes in all shapes and sizes. Is this statement true? My immediate response would be yes, as weight can look different on people, especially of different heights. But then it was continued: "a 200-pound person can be anorexic". How can that be true if the criteria for anorexia includes the requirement for a 17.5 BMI? Am I an idiot for saying that a 200-pound person can't be anorexic (unless they were REALLY REALLY amazingly and unhumanly tall), and that such a diagnoses might only be true if made by a doctor or medical professional?

I also heard a claim that EDN0S was a MIX of bulimia and anorexia, and had to be - couldn't be similar to just one or the other.

I feel like so many people are misinformed. But the worst is when someone with an actual eating disorder is misinformed, and thinks they are right because they would know.

Phew. 0kay. I hope my questions are clear. I just want to know whether or not I'm an idiot, basically, for thinking I am right in such cases.

Thank you!

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