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Take Action Against Coke

Hey guys,

I don't know if this is allowed or not due to its political nature (WHICH IS WHAT I'M ALL ABOUT HELLO), but I know a lot of you drink (diet) Coca Cola out there and might not know that they have some unethical practices going on.

Question: Even if you KNOW that a company is doing something unethical, will you still consume their products, especially if that consumption fuels your eating disorder?

I recently started drinking diet Coke after a 4-5 year boycott, mainly because I wanted to fill myself up with very few calories. I know diet drinks are perfect for this...but do we really know what's going on.

Link from

Take Action Against Coke
India Resource Center
September 23rd, 2005

Coca-Cola in India is Guilty of:
* Causing Severe Water Shortages for Communities Across India
* Polluting Groundwater and Soil Around its Bottling Facilities
* Distributing its Toxic Waste as "Fertilizer" to Farmers
* Selling Drinks with Extremely High Levels of Pesticides

Communities in India need the critical support of the international community right now to pressure Coca-Cola to do the right thing.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Send the fax to the CEO of Coca-Cola and join the communities in India in holding Coca-Cola accountable!


And so on, and so forth.

Not only is India affected by their unethical practices but so are several Latin American states. I don't mean to make you guys feel guilty, I just want to get some input and make sure everyone's aware. Thanksssss, peace.

Erin Pea

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