Kelly's (lildevilgurl172) wrote in ed_ucate,

sexual activities

hello I have been in here before and had to un join, so HI :)
well I tried looking through the memories a couple time but its down most of the time…and I don’t I saw it in there when it was up.
So on to my question:

I was looking around on and it had sexual activities as exercise and it said that like 10 hours of vigorous sex burned like 16 calories. There is no way that’s right. So I was just wondering if anyone had anything about how many calories you burn while having sex.
Also there is all those myth’s about cum whiting your teeth and doing other random things, but what are the pros and cons to cum? How many calories?

I’m not a sex addict by the way, no where close, I just found it interesting that things like sex are not counted up right or what is in body fluids.

Thank you

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