lightasabrick (lightasabrick) wrote in ed_ucate,

Oh, the medical system.

I know there have been some comments about the ignorance of the medical system here, and I wanted to provide some insight as to why.
We all know how grossly ignorant the majority of the population is about eating disorders, and that doesn't stop with the medical profession (as much as we wish it would)
I have NEVER been weighed at the doctor. mum made me go after about 6 months of not getting my period, my dr. says "oh yes, usually that is a big red flag, but I know that you dance a lot, so no big deal" there's that ignorance, in a big way..
so, i am a nursing student and we have studied nutrition along the is what we have covered on the topic of eating disorders:
1) that obestiy is an eating disorder and that to be obese you weigh 10% more than "normal" weight for your height
2) A BMI of less than 20 is underweight
3) That bulimia is binging (which means eating a lot of food) and purging (which means throwing up or using direutics)
4) An anorexic is someone who restricts their calorie intake and it very thin
so when we graduate, we will all be nurses who have based our knowledge about eating disorders on the above information, or EVEN WORSE, what the media portrays....

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