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compensatory behaviour

I've often heard about eating disorders as being described as being compensatory behaviours or coping mechanisms against external factors, but what about your own compensatory behaviours in response to your eating disorder? Do you cope with the "stress" of not eating, of self-emesis, of over-eating by manifesting other behaviours? I guess my example is this: if I'm purging, I have no interest in buying anything or otherwise expending any money at all (including on food - which just increases the disgust-factor). But the minute I start going back to restricting, I'm a shopping whore. Capitalist bulimia!

Anyone else noticed variations in their actions/proclivities/behaviours depending on their eating habits? I know we had a discussion a while ago about emotions/moods and how they're related to EDs, but I'm asking this time about more physical manifestations. Thoughts?

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