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Winter holiday project?

I know this probably stinks a little bit of a pipe-dream... but maybe, as a group of educated, opinionated individuals, we should step up a little bit and collectively speak out against the kind of media miss-representation we frequently encounter. It's all fine and dandy that we read these articles, post them, and entertain philosophical, erudite discussions on how annoying they are, but no one but US sees that. We aren't changing anything. This is by no means an attack on people who post these articles, because it's important to a degree, that we are aware of how the public opinion towards eating disorders is shaped. What I'm getting at is that maybe the next step is for us to put our collective foot down and tweak that perspective with some nitty-gritty insight of our own. Okay.. so none of us are famous and no one wants to interview us and stick us on the cover of Cosmo, but there are other media outlets! School/community newspapers are a good place to start. Smaller magazines - or maybe, just maybe, if enough of us worked together, and bombarded them with letters and articles, we might be able to latch on to a bigger magazine. Let's face it, eating disorders are a hot topic! There's no reason why we shouldn't be able to manipulate that to our advantage - if there was ever a time to be heard, maybe it's now?
I'm not exactly sure what I'm proposing, it just struck me while reading about Ashley Simpson that maybe we should make a stronger effort to be heard. What if we wrote an article together? Something general that could be published in any newspaper anywhere - something truthful that addresses the growing "trend" of eating disorders as compared to the real thing. Realistically, someone (or a couple people) would have to be responsible for editing/proofing a final draft, but nearly everyone here has something to say which could be incorporated.
Like I said, stinks of pipe-dream.. but if anyone else were willing to go out on a limb and try, I'd be in for it!

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