My girl, tell me where did you sleep last night? (tinypaperdoll) wrote in ed_ucate,
My girl, tell me where did you sleep last night?

the monstrous-feminine.

Images of blood, vomit, pus, shit, etc. are central to our culturally/socially constructed notions of the horrific. - Barbra Creed 1986.

The smooth glossy body polished by photography, is a defence against an anxiety provoking, uneasy and uncanny body. - Laura Mulvey 1991.

Personally speaking, i am having issues with 'the monstrous-feminine' at the moment, which speaking from the point of view of a bulimic, i am finding very interesting at the moment.

I was walking along the local golf course in the summer when i spotted a local (alcoholic) woman from our village, bent over a suitcase vomiting. She pulled her dress up, pulled down her pants and did her business right there and then in front of me, still vomiting. I didnt (couldnt) stop to help.
Two years ago i was at a festival and at the back of the crowd was a woman passed out in a pool of vomit next to a coolbox half full with beer, with empty beer cans all around her. i am ashamed to say that i wanted to kick the cans at her as she lay there.
Last night i was at work and i had to call an ambulance for a drunk woman who had fainted 3 times, vomited everywhere and messed herself, staining her dress. i helped her by phoning the ambulance and her husband (who was at home with her kids), but i couldnt touch her or console her.

i cannot express the strong emotions that came from these 3 different situations, shame and disgust at such high intensity ran through me.

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