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finding humour about eds? or just making fun...

a recent post in the community ohnotheydidnt that got me thinking about some things.

this is the post
I was wondering what anyone thinks about these topics. In short, it's an article about Kirstie Alleys new show "Fat Actress" and how eating disorder groups are angry because they think that she was making fun of eating disorders etc. They say there is nothing funny about having and eating disorder, and an argument in the comments got started by a girl who thinks that it's funny to mock the eating disordered when they refuse to get help for their disorder.

I was just wondering your thoughts on a few things; can there be humour in our diseases? (I saw the show and found the jokes to be kind of offensive, but mostly just that I thought they were making fun of the industry and how it can drive you to do crazy things. But hey I could be wrong) There were lots of things wrong with the show, the fact that it perpetuates the notion that "fat"="awful", and that it showed her eating constantly, ding dongs, meat, anything as the reason why she is fat. I'm a little mixed up on how I felt about it really. But it did make me laugh at times.

Did anyone here see it? What were your thoughts?

And any thoughts on the gal who thought that people with eating disorders not actively recovering should be made fun of? She didn't quite get the point when it was explained to her that not wanting help is a PART of the disease... Am I wasting my time even thinking about this? I dunno.

I'm all for poking fun at oursleves, some things we all do are bizarre and pretty funny in a morbid kind of way. I guess I just don't understand the stance that not getting help for your mental illness (in which there is an element of the disease which makes one not want to recover) is something to be made fun of. Maybe I just don't have a sense of humour. But I don't get that joke.


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