Syd the Sex Farmer (i8urbrthdaycake) wrote in ed_ucate,
Syd the Sex Farmer

Happy Holidays, ed_ucate members!

Since Em is with her Mum for the holidays (and away from the internet), I figured I'd do a mod-ly holiday greeting to all.

Thanks so much for sticking by us in 2005. It's been a fun and interesting time. I pray that we're all able to take our minds off impending holiday dinner panics and truly remember the reason for each of our celebrations. Cherish your family and friends, and celebrate what blessings they are.

Well, I always seem to kind of clam up when writing these holiday type messages. Maybe because you're not supposed to swear in them. I'll be posting a community activity that leaves loads of room to tell stories of any kind about your holiday experiences (ed related or not), and rants will be allowed there as well. HOLIDAY related rants.

I'm going to get back to Christmas Eve in the M house. My dear husband has been battling the stomach flu, 1 cat is on the counter, 1 cat is in the sink, and 1 cat is on top of the refrigerator playing dangerously near the brandy snifters, and my little guy almost lodged an errant Nestle baking morsel halfway up his sinus cavity. I couldn't honestly imagine a day without any of them.

Love to you all, and here's to a great 2006,


P.S. RJ! I don't know what to say!! Thank you so much :D I'm so glad to have such a gifted and brave soul as a friend. I truly appreciate it.
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