&It's not hunger, it's habit. (iateforyoutoday) wrote in ed_ucate,
&It's not hunger, it's habit.

Orthorexia - a question, or worry.

Right now I'm an Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian which means I also eat dairy and eggs. I think I'm going to cut eggs out of my diet soon and I'm hoping that before the end of the year I can make a commitment to becoming Vegan all-together. I think there is obviously some humorous irony in me deciding to cut things out of my diet when all I usually subsist on is lettuce and diet pepsi anyway - but I'm doing it for several reasons including animal rights, the environment, it makes me feel physically 'cleaner', and selfishly, the excuse of being able to avoid many foods. I intend on keeping these habits even long after any possible recovery. Of course I can also completely see myself getting consumed in Orthorexia Nervosa eventually because of my obsessive patterns. I want to say that I will try not to, but it almost seems impossible - I'm obsessed with my eating habits and everything that passes my lips - if i change those things drastically how can I not become obsessed with it? Also the signs of me feeling 'cleaner' by not consuming certain things runs parallel with the disordered 'safe food' idea, doesn't it? Am i setting myself up for Orthorexia or is it happening on it's own, if at all? I am taking a chance of making an influence too great? I definitely don't want to eat certain things for more reasons than my disorder itself but I'm just looking for some opinions about how the two go hand-in-hand and maybe some personal accounts of how it's affected any of you that either have this kind of diet or are orthorexic yourself. [ex-posted to survivingonair]

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