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mess of details.

there's been a lot of discussion recently about how people & the media in general tend to trivialize eating disorders either by making them seem like fad diets that troubled stars succumbed to, by throwing around the terms so casually or through ignorance in general.

i signed onto AOL & see a link with this headline: BULIMIC SPENDERS. & i'm thinking, please god let it be an article about bulimics who spend a lot of money. of course not, it's about people who have the habit of buying too much & returning what they've bought (it's even refered to as "bingeing & purging"). here is a link to the short video which aired/airs on abc:

ABSURD or not? on one hand, the second definition for bulimia (in the dictionary) is: (n.) excessive or insatiable appetite, therefore it is technically okay to use it as an adjective to describe these people & i may be unjustified in disputing it.

yes, i 'feel' for these people-- obviously they have issues that are beyond the realm of normal, but to compare it to a disease? i just think that it (the segment, the title) is done too casually to be tasteful; rather it's done for attention-getting purposes only, & that's wrong to me. the video is overly dramatic. the lady interviewed has a problem which affects her life, but is "bulimic spending" really epidemic enough to be likened to a disease that affects (KILLS) millions?

you wouldn't see a headline that said "anorexic spenders" (or incorporated various other diseases) to describe people who are very frugal, would you? but perhaps that has more to do with word choice (there are more appropriate choices) than anything use.

it just seems as though when bulimic is used in this context, it reduces the disorder to being characterized by its two most prominent features: bingeing & purging. but under the surface, it's anything but a physical disorder. to casually use the term as an adjective undermines this & the severity of bulimia. i can't help but wonder if this is just a sensationalized appeal to pathos, possibly in light of lindsay lohan's recent confession to bulimia. thoughts?

i know i may be off my rocker on this one & need to learn to not get offended (mass amounts of celebrities admitting to six-month bouts of eating disordered mayhem & staged interventions will do that to a girl). however i'd love to hear peoples feedback & i apologize for the nature of this post.

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