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If you are from Australia, has anyone read the 'CSIRO' Total Wellbeing diet book? My Mum recently bought it 'for the recipes'

Down to details, according to the book, the formular for calculating the amount of calories per day is (for women):
655.1 + (9.56 x weight) + (1.85 x height (in centimetres, eg 165 for 1.65m) - (4.68 x age)
Then you multiply for activity level.
1.3 is sedentary, as in at a desk and no exercise/exercise rarely
1.4 is exercise moderatly 1-3 times a week
1.55 is exercise moderately 3-5 times a week
1.725 is heavy exercise 6-7 times a week
1.9 is 'training for a marathon' type exercise

According to this plan, I need 1913 calories per day, considering my bmi is 15 & I fit in the 1.55 category. Has anyone followed their diet plan? I think I actually sort of approve of it (seeing as I 'have' to eat now & 'aim' for 2000, I enjoy making my diet into perfect percentages & amounts of food groups, and I thoroughly enjoy giving nutritional advice and critising other's diets) except for the low amounts of fruits & vegetables. I don't see how I could *need* that much food. I have been maitaining except for recent gain despite eating the same amount (between 1900-1950, averaged out per day) though I'm trying to convince myself it's because of the anti-depressants & the larger amount of inactivity.

Does anyone 'believe' this? I was maintaining the same weight on 1600 for 2 years, because I've spent most of my anorexia eating and have not really gained much weight back & I'd like it to stay that way

What other calculations have people used to work out how much we 'need' or 'should' have for losing and/or maintaining weight?

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