Don't Mess With Texas (lettucepussy) wrote in ed_ucate,
Don't Mess With Texas

okay me and a couple others are going nuts in another girls post.
so i'm making a new post.

please vent your frustrations on the relationship between food and society.

i don't think that the goverment should allow companies to produce unhealthy foods. they shouldn't have animals pumped full of hormones and steroids, its causing medical complications on the humans eating them. sometimes the animal is even giving these things right before it dies! would you squirt steroids on your steak, no. so why give the animals them. and as conceptulised said, a girl in mexico got pregnant at age 5! the hormones are affecting this generation of fast/low quality foods by causing the onset of puberty at earlier ages. if i was 7 and getting my period, i would have so many mental issues bc that is not the age when a child is ready to deal with bleeding once a month and growing breast and getting hair and all that.

i also think that it is distgusting how the avg weight continues to grow. currently i am living in the thinnest city of the thinnest state, Boulder Colorado. i'm about to move back to Houston Texas, the fattest american city. it is insane bc everyone in boulder looks how you should look, kids are lean, old people are out exercising. people walk instead of drive...
in houston, everyone drives, making it one of the countries top 3 most polluted cities, and i sit at lights watching the cars go by me.
fat, fat, obese, fat, thin, obese, obese, fat, fat, thin
going out to restaurants is disgusting, at any chain one, their is at least one overweight person per table and everyone gets fried appitizers and HUGE meals that they finish. thats like over 1000calories in one sitting, without having an eating disorder!
thats just being a fat, gluttinous pig.
how gross is that. its not hard to NOT be fat. yes its hard to be thin, but being a healthy weight is not hard.
get off your ass and don't buy into the advertisments trying to sell you quick and easy foods, can't you see that they're just trying to make money off you?
and after you have ate crap long enough and have medical problems the other side of the FDA sucks you into buying DRUGS.
you are pawns in a corporate world, you have given up control over your life.
you are lazy and you suck.
your karma is going to be to live w/o anything and lose yourself and everyone you love to starvation.

okay, so that reflects what my eating disorder is. why i feel so strongly that everything must be organic and from small farms and businesses. and why i don't think supplements and drugs are okay habits to have. and why i am working from communism to anarchy.

i'm really curious as to how ya'll feel society has effected the general attitude towards food.

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