Liz (lolita_flower) wrote in ed_ucate,

1. I used to be maintaining on 1600 (for over 2 years, at a bmi of 14.5-15.5), then I lost & went up to 2000 3.5 months ago and have still be maintaining.
2. I'm waiting to get taller.
3. Genetically I am small boned and currently 5'3. Everyone in my family on both sides is taller.
4. My highest BMI was 18.5 at age 14 (I'm 17) and that was teenage puppy fat
5. I've started gradually increasing.
6. I don't really want to gain, but gradually increase metabolism to grow taller
7. I currently take the pill
8. I exercise moderately (eg brisk walking, dancing) for 1 hr a day, the rest of my day is fairly sedentary, yet I don't watch much television.

1. If I am 'gradually increasing' to 3000 (for no longer than one month), via often should I increase? eg, I have started to have 2 cups instead 1.25 cups of cereal: how long should I continue that before adding the next thing.
2. What was your lowest bmi, before hospitalization (if hospitalized)?
3. Has anyone experienced constipation on the antidepressant 'celapram'? Currently I take 20mg

Thanks for any help!

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