e. (joy_full) wrote in ed_ucate,


Age: 24

Gender: Female

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 174

BMI: 24.3

ED: Bulimia

Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Diagnosed

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: I'm pretty easy going about things. Not much really bothers me but I don't like the "online talk" or people who don't know things. I don't like reading about how people failed everyday. I know these communities are for support and all but it can get depressing. I don't like wannabe's. It makes me sad that anyone would want this.

How I found my way here: went from ana_in_college, to ed_in_college to here.

Questions/comments/concerns: I really don't post a lot, I hope that is okay. But I love to read what people like me are thinking about and I LOVE reading in this community. That is why I joined. Here there is actually intelligent people with good discussions and things to say. Its thought provoking and interesting- to the mods: thanks for creating this community... it was needed.


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