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This is my first post, so I hope I don't make any mistakes. I've checked the memories but I couldn't find precisely what I was looking for. If this post is not acceptable, then mods, please feel free to delete this :)

Okay, so a friend of mine recently staged a "subtle" intervention. She claimed that she'd noticed my sudden interest in eating right and my recent weight loss and so she thought it might be of some help if I met up with a dietitian/therapist she knows. That way, the dietitian could ultimately answer all my questions regarding a healthy diet. I agreed because personally, my eating disorder has taken it's toll and I felt like I finally might be able to talk to a professional about it. However, things didn't turn out like I expected.

She (the therapist) started poking into my personal life and was so keen on learning more about my relationship with my parents. No matter what I said, she somehow twisted it to portray how controlling my mother is, and how I place so much pressure on myself to meet my parents expectations. I tried explaining to her that I have a healthy relationship with my family and that it was my perfectionism that ultimately drove me to developing anorexia. After my second meeting with her, she still brought up my parents to show me how they were the cause of all this when I am positive their role in my eating disorder is as minimal as possible.

She's now requested to meet me a third time, and frankly, I don't want to see her again! I feel my privacy was invaded and that her constant poking for intimate details makes me highly uncomfortable.

Are these experiences with therapists normal? Have you had to go to more than one therapist before finally settling down on one? Personally, this is my first time seeing a professional so I don't know if her questions and poking are typical of therapists everywhere.

I'd like to hear more about your experiences for those of you who have attempted to either seek recovery or for those who just needed to confide in someone.

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