bethanbloodrose (bethanbloodrose) wrote in ed_ucate,

This community is mentioned on Wikipedia: in an article about pro-ana in the section entitled "Pro-ana and LiveJournal."

"The communities have also gained a response among "anti-pro-ana" anorexics who have started communities such as Ed_ucate, a play on the common shorthand for eating disorder, ED. The purpose of these communities is to inform pro-anas about their choice and encourage anorexics to make informed decisions and not spread misinformation. The main focus is on accurate self-diagnosis using the DSM-IV criteria. Many pro-anas are told that they do not have anorexia, but ED-NOS, because their BMI is not low enough to meet the criteria for anorexia. Others are encouraged to go into recovery."

Do you think the article as a whole is an accurate representation of pro-ana, and how do you feel about ed_ucate being mentioned on it and being linked to at the bottom?

Apologies if this has been discussed before, I did look in the memories for it.

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