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i am in the process of applying to graduate school for psychology so i can ultimately help in the treatment of eating disorders. i want to write in my statement of purpose that i have been affected by an eating disorder and thus my decision to pursue this career path. i went to talk to a graduate student for advice about my personal statement.

when she heard me say i had [as in past tense] an eating disorder, she asked me if it affected me still. i said that i will always be affected, but it helps me to help others because i don't want anyone to go through this. then she got worried that the programs i am applying to will think that i am *still* affected.

but i thought i made it clear that i am -not- currently eating disordered to the extent that i was before. when i said that i am still affected, i meant that such an experience will never leave me and i will never be how i was before the disorder. yet she interpreted that as meaning i still have a severe disorder.

my question is do you think that someone can ever truly recover from an eating disorder? if not, what is the best definition of recovery you can think of?

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