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To start off, whether you idvidually believe that complete recovery (either a new person with no fixation on foods - for example they could be choosing a healthy fresh salad sandwich for lunch whilst out, and think well I'll get something healthy and won't think of the calories & would have left the persons mind by a few hours later) and to have a healthy-enough body image) is irrelevant.

There are lots of 'recovered' anorexics that are very much positive and 'love your body', such as those who have had eating disorders and now run groups, etc.

Do you believe that those who have recovered from any type of eating disorder, and are the right body shape for them, have a better body image than the rest of 'normal' society? Simply because, with the years of treatment, such as gaining weight/losing weight and therapy, they have been taught to eat all the right things and to exercise and to be a positive person?

I'm starting to think, seeing as we are in a society which fairly well 90% of the people I know would think 'Oh, god, I shouldn't have eaten that, I'm going to get fat' whereas recovered people would perhaps automatically cringe at the person in their head, because they perhaps know that one chocolate won't hurt and that they shouldn't feel guilty.

So, do 'recovered' people from eating disorders have a more positive outlook on foods/clothes/general health and life than 'regular' people?

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