alice_l (alice_l) wrote in ed_ucate,

Coveted Recovery

I've noticed that many people here are recovered or in the process of recovering from eating disorders. This morning, while I was planning out my eating schedule for the day (I am currently trying to recover) I told myself to stop visiting ed_ucate and just to avoid the internet all together because when I see emaciation on anyone, or anyone talking about fasts, calories, I start to feel worthless and I feel pressured to start obssessing again. I can understand being part of a community of all recovered people who are all striving for the same thing but it's hard for me while trying to recover when all i want to do is restrict restrict and i see other people who are.

I searched the memories for something similar to this and couldn't find anything. This will be promptly deleted if it's not relevant.

My question for discussion: For recovered people, do you find this or other communities helpful post-recovery? Has it ever set you back? For those currently in recovery do you find this community triggering? Has anyone quit this community or others for recovery and then come back once relapsed or "fully" recovered? (I also realize a lot of people dont believe in full-recovery)

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