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slightly secretive

Gah! You all were so incredibly helpful in my last post I just couldn't stay away. :P This is sort of a weird question, though, so I apologize in advance for that much. :C

Anyway, my best friend (who I absolutely adore-- don't get me wrong about this. She's the only person I've ever voluntarily told about my ED) is one of those enviable girls who's so naturally thin that she actually has to fight to keep at a healthy weight. Now, I don't begrduge her for this-- seriously, I understand that that's actually a real pain for her.

Now, I'm in recovery right now (just a little grudgingly, but again, that's another story) and she knows and is very supportive... but one thing she's always doing is complaining about what a struggle it is for her to keep weight on. Like I said, I'm sympathetic to this-- but this isn't just a little bit of griping. She is constantly talking about how annoying it is that she's so thin, and how her bmi is 16.5, and how tiny and ribby she is and how she's just eating so much but can't gain weight-- and did I mention the bmi? I'm trying to be a good friend, here, but having to look at her perfectly flat tummy and tiny little arms and then act as sincerely sympathetic to her plight as I can... Well, it's driving my self-esteem even further into the ground, and it's actually kind of hurting my attempts to eat more.

Anyway, my question is: what would you guys do in this situation? I don't want to hurt her feelings or guilt trip her or seem like a bitch... but this is really having an effect. Have any of you had similar experiences? Basically, what do you make of this?

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