Miki (kitzune) wrote in ed_ucate,

For any interested and for those with the Health Discovery Channel

Tomorrow night (that would be Monday, January 30th) at 9:00 pm EST, there's going to be a show called Medical Incredible on the Health Discovery Channel. Half of the show is apparently devoted to a guy with bigorexia. I don't think I'll be around to watch it myself (I'm on the west coast, and for some reason, on my campus, we get most of our shows east coast time...so it would only be 6 here when it's aired) but if anyone else is interested, I only have praise for Health Discovery.

Edit: Yes, bigorexia is a term. It was the term they used on the preview for the show, and it's a term that will show up on internet searches. So here. I'm doing the work for you.

Here is an article on wikipedia describing bigorexia.
Here is an article on About describing bigorexia in a lot more detail.
Here is another article on bigorexia (also called muscle dysmorphia)

Tada. Plus, I'm sure the show tomorrow night will answer some questions as well.

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