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Discussion on health classes teaching about EDs

I am an 8th grade teacher at a rather affluent middle school. It is known by a portion of the faculty that I have disordering eating/was diagnosed with purging anorexia in May of 2005. They know because 1) I got drunk and told people; 2) they could hear me purging after school/PTA/teacher functions; and 3) I eat basically nothing around them if I can help it. My assistant principal and head principal have both approached me and assume, since I am in 'therapy,' I am recovering (clears thorat).

Onward to my point...
This year the health teacher is having the students (each quarter, due to the rotation of classes) look up 'articles' on the internet about eating disorders. He gives them no specific sites to look at, just send them home to look things up. The students have even come to me (ugh) and asked me if they could print info from the internet from my classroom computer. I asked, "What website?" They said, "Doesn't matter."

Bells go off in my head. I KNOW that some of them had to have come across pro-ana/pro-mia sites if they were searching from home. It scares me. I worry that some girl will find one of these sites and try it (as you know, 13-14 year old girls are naive and really beginning the love/hate relationship with their bodies).

My question: Should I approach this teacher and tell him my worries? As ed_ucated people, I trust your advice. If I should, how should I say it? If not, is there another way to bring it up?

He and I are kind of buds and I think he would be discreet if I just bring it up. (He has said to me that he is amazed at the amount of beer I can drink and not gain weight-- my co-teacher and friend is standing there and he and I share a look about this since my friend is one how knows.)

I feel the children are being mis-ed_ucated as well because I heard one say that a waif and an 'anorexic' (ugh anorectic) are the same thing because they are thin.

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