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Diet Pills as presented by Teen Vogue

I went to scan in the Dying to Be Thin article in response to __atomique's request in this post, only to discover that I was thinking of a different article -- I don't get Teen People. Sorry! I'll do some more checking around just to make sure. But for the present I've scanned in Teen Vogue's February 2006 Beauty and Health article, disappearing act, which discusses diet pills and their growing popularity.

In my personal opinion, the article is unabashedly brief and doesn't delve deep enough into the subject to present a convincing argument. In addition, the Good Sports section on the second page is standard fare for teen magazines; I feel I've seen the same spiel in every magazine I've read. Eat well, exercise regularly, you'll feel good, etc. I doubt many people take the time to read this section because it just doesn't present the information in an exciting or interesting way -- and so the good advice falls on deaf ears. Most people don't just want to lose weight, they want to lose it quickly. And naturally they're not too mindful of the consequences.

So I think this article could use some revision to make it more effective. Based on your experience, what do you think could be done better -- what could be added? Taken out? What kind of article would you write? Or do you think the article is perfect as is? What is your opinion of it?

And how do you anticipate the readers of Teen Vogue will react to this article?

Let me know if you're having difficulty reading this article. :) I have it saved in a larger size and can easily provide a link. I know it's grainy. My scanner is tres crappy.

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