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'Normal' healthy eating

I just wanted to ask what you thought about 'normal' healthy eating. Do you personally have a perception of what normal eating is or an idea of what it should be? Do you think there is any such thing as a person who eats normally? I do not have the ability to eat normally but i do have a general idea, although i could never follow it. I don't really think anyone in society eats 'properly' due the large number of overweight people, people with eating disorders etc etc.
But i wonder if our views on what healthy eating is, are the same? Do you think it is possible to eat normally?

Judging by what i have learnt and read how people should eat if they are healthy is very complicated. According to magazines, books, nutritionists etc we should eat a nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner with a few healthy snacks per day. Lots of water and the occassional treat. We then need to ensure that the caloric total of our meals is equivilant to what we burn each day, our BMR and our energy expenditure combined (so we can maintain our weight). Then we need to ensure that we get the right amount of servings for each of the food groups. Then we should ensure we have the right ratio of carbs/protein/fat in our diet depending on whether we are sedentary, moderately active or very active. Then it is recommended to do one hour of moderate intensity activity every day.
On top of this are many other recommendations:

* eat breakfast within an hour of waking up
* on top of every caffinated beverage or alcoholic beverage consumed drink another glass of water
* eat every few hours
* don't eat when you're not hungry
* do not graze eat
* do not eat straight before bed
* drink more water to compensate for water lost through exercise
* don't skip any meals
* eat meals at similar times each day

Plus if we are normal eaters we shouldn't be constantly thinking about food and we shouldn't be obsessed over calories and burning everything off and our weight. However we are supposed to be aware of what we are consuming over the day to make sure it is balanced. We shouldn't feel guilty about eating however we are told than an extra 100calories a day that we do not need will lead to a weight gain of 10kg per year.
I have tried to eat this way before and i was asked if i was trying to lose weight, if i was a health freak, if i was on some sort of rigid diet plan or if i was insane. I also read that if you do eat this way...the 'healthy' are classified as a restricted eater...which is an 'unhealthy obsession'.
On top of everything...if you are trying to eat the healthy normal way (and i don't know anyone who does) it is socially impossible. It would mean you couldn't go out to dinner or if you did you'd have trouble ordering, you couldn't just grab some doritos and a coke whilst watching a movie in the middle of the day you'd need to plan and pack a healthy lunch and you would need to time your exercise so that it could fit around other, school, work, meals, relaxation and sleep.
So, in my opinion. What the experts classify as normal is not seen as normal by society. Nobody eats that cannot without looking like a freak, following a strict timetable and becoming socially isolated. Maybe some people generally follow a healthy guide but it would be impossible to do that all the time. Even following it generally would take considerable concious effort and it would mean you would be constantly thinking about your diet and exercise regime...which is 'not normal' and is 'unhealthy.'

So is there any such thing as normal eating? No wonder everyones diets are so messed up!


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