H (harriet_s_bp) wrote in ed_ucate,

Calorie counting

This is a question which has been playing in my mind for a while.

Do you think that the rise in pro-ED websites has influenced the food/daily calories those with eating disorders consume?

From a personal experience, I never really was into counting calories that much at the beginning of my disorder.. more a case of eating very little to acheive hunger. I'm also finding recovery very hard, with calories being a main feature. When I compare my calorific intake for the day to some people's "personal logs", it makes me feel so greedy- even though I know, logically, that 600 calories a day isn't "a lot".. but when you compare it to someone who has had "-500", it is...

So I guess my basic questions are as follows:

Do you count calories? Do you compare your food intake to others / set limits according to what you see others doing? Do you keep a food/calorie diary, for medical reasons or otherwise? Did you see a shift in your calorie intake throughout different stages of your eating disorder?

(for example, I would have found it very easy to restrict to a very, very low calorie intake.. less than 400, when I was at higher weight, but now i'm at a much lower weight, it almost feels like I have run out of my "resources" and therefore require energy from outside of my own body... has anyone else felt similar?)

Please let me know if this post offends anyone in any way and I'll remove it. I'm looking forward to hearing all your replies. :)


EXTRA QUESTION: Do you think that the people posting on these pro-ed food-logs are telling the truth? Do you ever wonder if they could possibly be totally "normal" people who enjoy seeing how far they can push a group of others? When I read of people who have been on "-1000" for over a week and weigh 72lbs, I start to question biology itself :)

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