Liz (lolita_flower) wrote in ed_ucate,

Another post:

Of course I am curious, but I am not asking any-one to list celebrity b.m.i's or anything like that, however

We all know that (most) celebrities are thin. In fact, many people walk down the street, and let's face it - although pretty much the whole world is getting fatter (apart from countries in poverty, etc), there's a lot of thin people. There's a lot of thin people that do eat a lot, either in the form of 'junk' food and/or healthy food.

Let's think about this. If celebrities are thin - we are being unfair. Many of them are slim and have great figures - say Angelina Jolie, or Jessica Alba. What I hate the most is how celebrities (eg, many who have been pregnant) claim to only eat, say 1200 calories (a definte weight loss diet) with heavy exercise to 'keep fit and healthy.' Why is the public believing this? There are plenty of celebrities that have good figures and don't lose weight, at the least maintain it.

Why is it such a competition?

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