hello, i'm [slightly less] fucked (asthinasher) wrote in ed_ucate,
hello, i'm [slightly less] fucked

yet another diet

i was browsing through the community memories last night, and someone left a comment around the beginning of last year about going on a diet (suggested by her therapist or nutritionist or someone) of indulging in your allotted calorie amount with only whatever food you want to binge on.

ex: if you really really really want chocolate one day, you should have your healthy 1200 calories (or, for some of us 800 or 600 or whatever) but make sure it's comprised completely of chocolate for that particular day. that way, you're not restricting to any drastic extent, but you're able to not go into overdrive-binge-mode. and while it's not exactly healthy, it's a lot better than eating thousands of calories worth of crap (just because you wanted some chocolate) and then putting your body through the torment of purging it all up.

does that make sense?

my question is, what do you guys think about this? do you think it would work? have any of you tried it and/or was it successful for you?

the concept intrigues me...

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