Nothing to see here. Move along. (tainted_joy) wrote in ed_ucate,
Nothing to see here. Move along.

Something I've been thinking about over the past few days, and I wanted to run by you.

In light of i_lacemychucks 's campaign to ban all pro-anorexia communities from LJ, and considering this community's role as an educational comm, I thought it might be a useful idea to create a banner of some sort, with a list of all the stupid "pro ana omg" comms, and all the useful comms like this one. This banner could then be posted in communities and journals, in the hope that people will see and avoid the trendwhore comms and get the real facts from good communities.

What do you think? My only real concern is that this would appear too pushy, and there could be a great deal of backlash from dumb communities trying to defend themselvses. But at the same time, if it stops a few insecure teens from being sucked into destructive, clueless comms, would it be worth doing?

I personally would be more than happy to promote this banner, as my journal is essentially dead, and people can come and bitch to me there all they want. Unfortunately I have zero graphic-making skills, so if this is seen as a good idea, someone with talent will have to make said banner.

I'm not suggesting that we as a community associate ourselves with the banner (as in, having a little thing at the bottom of it that says "Copyright ed_ucate", or whatever) unless we want to, in that doing so may give the impression that that's all ed_u is about. But if it's approved, it may be nice to have a link back to us as one of the good comms.

I've rambled on for long enough - what are your thoughts?

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