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Time to Recover

I know there have been a couple of discussions on the extent to which one can recover, and whether or not recovery is possible, etc. What I want to know is, how long does it take before one can say they are fully recovered? I know that the exact legnth of time it would take would be different for everyone but that's not what I mean. Is there a certain minimum legnth of time that must exist between having eating disordered symptoms to being completely ED-free - when a person can officially say they are normal?

Sorry I don't know how much sense this makes. I just know it's not possible (at least not that I know of) for someone to qualify for an eating disorder one day and be recovered the next. There must be some period of transition, like going from Bulimia to EDNOS to normal. In the beginning of an ED, one may start with disordered eating or EDNOS, and then if it progresses after 3 months it can become Bulimia because that is the minimum legnth of time according to the DSM IV. But what about the other way around, would someone have to go 3 months of not exhibiting all the criteria of bulimia to be considered EDNOS or recovered?

Also, out of curiosity, for those of you who have recovered how long did it take to get to that point?
For those who have doctors or have been in treatment, how long were you in recovery (whether you are recovered or not)?

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