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l. jane

I haven't seen anything along these lines posted before, please let me know if it has and I'll delete this.

I'm watching this TV show called 'Fat Families'. It's about three overweight families living in England who are changing their lifestyles [extremely] based on the advice of nutritionists and personal trainers. I know there have been lots of shows about losing weight, and I know that 'The Biggest Loser' has had teens on it before, but some of the children on this show are really young. Four of these kids look 6/7 years old.

I know that seeing a dietician as a family or changing your lifestyle as a family can help everyone, and can help overweight/obese children develop better eating/exercise habits and become healthier. I'm not sure how I feel about these young children posing for the cameras in their bathing suits to show their before/afters and being weighed on camera with their weights announced for the millions of people watching to see. Most likely these children didn't have much say in this since they're so young, and if they did have a say do you really think they knew what they were getting into? One of the little boys cried because his sister lost 12 pounds and he only lost 3. When these kids grow up I wonder how they'll feel about it. I know I would be embarassed beyond belief and probably would feel horrible about myself. It's one thing to help an overweight/obese child lose weight and become healthy, but it's another to do it on television.

How do you feel about kids this young being on shows like this? What about older children/young teenagers? Discuss.

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