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1. How do you feel/act around those that KNOW you have an eating disorder? Do you pretend it doesn't exist, what comments do you make to people around you, if so?

2. How do others treat you? If, suddenly, you ate (insert food different to usual here), would people question you about it? I've often found that people stare and don't say a word - I feel like I can't bring my mini junk food serve to school & or eat it front of my parents, because they will make comments like 'tat looks nice' and while I might think so to, I don't want to admit it.
3. Can you be too confident about your ED? By this I mean, making comments about yourself in a joking way

go up to my friends and ask them how much weight I should gain</b>
To me, it's really security & I delibrately complain to people. Is it attention seeking? I want people to be worried about me... I want people to talk to eachothers backs about how I'm not eating - yet I am, and quite normally at that. I tell myself that I'm not selfish, and that it's really just because I need to be told I have weight to gain to feel okay with anything.

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