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Any opinions?

I went to my principal this morning and asked her  if our school would be doing anything for NEDAW(National Eating Disorder Awareness Week). She said no, and I asked if I could possibly make some fliers with information if she thought they were appropriate. She said no. That people with an eating disorder may be triggered by information surrounding eating disorders, and since this week we have standardized testing it would make for a bad idea. 
Personally... I think what she said is a load of bull. Even if someone were to be affected in the way she said, I highly doubt it would upset someone into relapsing just because they saw information for one minute. I would think that by trying to stop ignorance surrounding eating disorders, people with an eating disorder be glad.
She then told me that I could make a small announcement however if I wanted. Although I'm not entirely sure of this, because it seemed more like just a way to get me away from her if you get what I'm trying to say.

I'm guessing the announcement has to be after the testing, so mid-week, but it doesn't matter. I'm thinking of announcing some statistics and the criteria for eating disorders.
So, I suppose I wanted to tell you guys this occurence, and get your opinions on whether or not you agree with the principal, and any advice on what to announce.


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