becomingabetty (becomingabetty) wrote in ed_ucate,

Lent Makes Me Happy

I've been more or less of a passive member of this community since I joined, but this idea struck me a few days ago and I just had to post!

I consider myself more or less of a "recovering Catholic", I was raised that way but not strictly and since I've gotten older I've moved away from it. However, the one part of Catholicism I REALLY enjoy is Lent. To me it's an amazing 40 days where people can't harass me about what I do and don't eat. It's like a get-out-of-eating-free card, no one ever tries to argue about what you've chosen to abstain from and I find it refreshing. I truly hope this doesn't offend anyone, i do admit I feel a little guilty for sort of picking and choosing what religious traditions I take part in and I know it's probably awful to abuse such a religious practice so I apologize in advance if I happen to offend anyone, it was not my intention.

What i was wondering is do any of you use such situations (religious or not) to your own advantage? I remember in middle school there were a lot of fundraiser type events where you took part in a 48 hour fast to raise awareness about worldwide hunger, what about these situations?

Once again, sorry to bring in religion, it just happened to get my mind turning.

(feel free to delete if this is not acceptable)

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